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The 2018 "Harmonious GAC Cup" Employee Badminton Team Tournament Successfully Ended


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The 2018 "Harmonious GAC Cup" Employee Badminton Team Tournament Successfully Ended

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2018/11/06 00:01
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As the company's brand cultural and sports activities, the 2018 “Harmonious GAC Cup” employee badminton team competition was held at the company headquarters and the North China Base from October 13 to 24, 2014. The event was sponsored by the company union and organized by the company badminton association.

As the company's brand cultural and sports activities, the 2018 “Harmonious GAC Cup” employee badminton team competition was held at the company headquarters and the North China Base from October 13 to 24, 2014. The event was sponsored by the company union and organized by the company badminton association. A total of 16 teams signed up to participate in the competition, with more than 100 participating players.

On October 13th, the group stage kicked off at the two badminton halls at the same time. Li Xianwei, the chairman of the union, delivered an opening speech. He expressed the hope that employees can live a healthy life, work happily, respect referees, respect opponents, and demonstrate good cultivation. The company's executive deputy general manager Dai Zheng and deputy general manager Yang Jian visited the stadium and held a kick-off ceremony. Subsequently, the competitions in each group proceeded in an orderly atmosphere of unity, tension and joy. After fierce group matches, eight advances, four matches and semi-finals, the two traditionally strong teams, the Functional Alliance and the Construction Engineering Second Academy, live up to expectations and stand out from the competition.


On October 24, the impressive peak matchup took place at the company's headquarters. Dong Lin, the number one men's single in the functional wing, took the lead. With superb ball skills, the score was steadily opened to lock the advantage, and the functional wing won the first round. . Subsequently, Gong Shubing of the first team of the Construction Engineering Second Academy pulled the score to a 1: 1 draw. The wonderful match of the men's doubles really filled the audience. The multiple rounds of matchups were exciting and the partners were highly acquainted with each other. All of them embody the spirit of hard work without giving up, the on-site shouts are endless, the progress of the game is exciting, the players on the field are hearty, and the audience is even more thrilling. When the game entered a stalemate stage, the cheerleaders of the two sides showed their housekeeping skills and decided on the sidelines! An excited "good ball" echoed in the badminton court. In the end, the first team of Construction Engineering Second Academy defeated the functional wing with a score of 3: 1 and won their "four consecutive championships". Yang Jian, deputy general manager of the company, Li Xianwei, chairman of the union, Zhang Qingshan, chairman of the badminton association, Yin Zhaochen, vice chairman, and Xu Yongli, president of the Second Construction Engineering Academy, presented awards to the winning teams.




This competition not only showed the spirit and unity of all departments, but also showed the spirit and spirit of the vigorous, daring, hard-working, and never-defeating spirit of the employees of China Automotive Engineering Corporation. Go, make a greater contribution to the future blueprint of the China Automotive Engineering Corporation.