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The first training session for the party members of the China Automotive Engineering Group to “keep up the heart and travel to the future” successfully held in 2019


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The first training session for the party members of the China Automotive Engineering Group to “keep up the heart and travel to the future” successfully held in 2019

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2019/05/24 00:01
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From May 8th to 10th, in order to further carry out the theme education activity of “Do n’t forget the original intention, keep the mission in mind”, and promote the normalization and institutionalization of the “two studies, one doing” study and education, the China Automotive Engineering Party Committee combined this year ’s party members ’concentrated study and education plan to carry out The first phase of the party members focused on education and training with the theme of "being attentive to the future".

From May 8th to 10th, in order to further carry out the theme education activity of “Do n’t forget the original intention, keep the mission in mind”, and promote the normalization and institutionalization of the “two studies, one doing” study and education, the China Automotive Engineering Party Committee combined this year ’s party members ’concentrated study and education plan to carry out The first phase of the party members focused on education and training with the theme of "being attentive to the future". A total of more than 300 people attended the training at the main venue of the Tianjin Headquarters, the Luoyang Fourth Academy, and the two branch venues of China Automotive Changxing.


At the opening ceremony, Zhang Wenjuan, the Minister of the Party Committee Work Department, gave a brief mobilization speech. I hope that the party members will have new ideas and gains through training, apply what they have learned, and promote their work. Practical actions for business development. Afterwards, he led all the party members participating in the training to revisit the party's oath of oath. The oath was powerful and resounded throughout the meeting. The party members' spirits increased and their confidence increased, injecting intangible strength into the next three days of study.


In order to successfully conduct the first training, the work department of the Party Committee of the China Automotive Engineering Corporation takes political training as the guidance and problem training as the basis, devotes great efforts and efforts to the curriculum setting and management guarantee, and launches training in multiple content and forms. The training has been improved and breakthroughs, and strive to better meet the learning needs of party members, and continuously improve the relevance and effectiveness of education and training.


In the curriculum setting, in order to meet the needs of the new situation and new tasks, in combination with the actual situation of the engineering business of China Automotive Engineering, three party building professors and two industry experts were invited to come to the scene to teach. "Mission", "Sino-U.S. Relations" and other wonderful explanations. Industry experts carried out professional interpretations from "Management Communication Skills" and "Automotive Industry Trends", followed by "Belt and Road", National Diplomacy, and Advanced Deeds , Carefully-selected themed learning videos, such as integrity culture, ecological construction, and so on, the party members' political theory level, comprehensive ability and business knowledge ability have been further improved.


In the course management, the effective interaction was increased, and the group pk mechanism was introduced. Party members were divided into different groups (a total of 12 groups), and the points were added to the group by integrating points such as theoretical answers, attendance, and class discipline. While igniting the enthusiasm of party members, it also stimulated the team's combat effectiveness. The atmosphere of mutual competition on the scene continued to rise, and the corporate spirit of "excellent cooperation and sincerity and excellence" was vividly demonstrated here.


In the course innovation, the learning arrangements for red films and party history programs moderately adjusted classroom learning; the theme exhibition visits of the Tianjin Museum, Tianjin Natural Museum, and Jiao Yulu Memorial Hall led party members into the history classroom to draw spiritual strength; May On the 8th World Smile Day, a simple pop-up event incorporated a happy atmosphere into intense study and made party members feel the power of smiles.


After regular points and counterattack pk, a total of 3 teams in Tianjin and Luoyang won the final victory. Zhang Huiyi, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of China Automotive Engineering, and Yang Jian, president of the Fourth Academy, awarded prizes to members of the winning team.



During the training, the party member WeChat group became the second learning position, publishing course information, pushing learning materials, and organizing party member discussions. "The course is very meaningful, especially for our general contracting site, communication is particularly important." "Training allows us to revisit the original intention of joining the party, and experience a deep sense of participation and happiness as a person of China Automobile." The ultimate purpose of the training is not only to provide party members with party spirit, but also to go to the masses .... Everyone expressed their opinions and exchanged ideas in the group. After the training, they also said that this training has theory, practical combat, and Industry analysis, the course content is rich and interesting, the event organization is compact and effective, and the gains are rich.

The historical experience and realistic development of the party tell us that without great party study and cadre training, there would be no great development of the cause. The dream starts with learning, and the career starts with practice. Next, the Party Committee of China Automotive Engineering will continue to implement the education and learning of party members, improve the level of education and training, build a distinctive brand for party building, and carry out a series of theme education and training this year. At the same time, adhere to the party construction, industrial construction, and group construction, continuously expand the scope of education and training, gradually include the general public and young workers, improve the openness and sharing of training, promote the deep integration of party building work and production and operation, and focus on party building around the center. Do a good job of party building and development, continuously strengthen the party's political leadership, ideological leadership and mass organization, and make every effort to promote the company's development to a new level.